[Unión de Cooperativas Tosepan Titataniske + Comunal]

Due to the public housing policy that exists in Mexico and the regulations issued by CONAVI in February 2016, where government support is denied to build with traditional construction materials and systems, the first housing exercise was not approved to be replicated.

Against this background, we decided, together with the Union of Cooperatives "Tosepan Titataniske", to carry out a second housing exercise that did not use bamboo in a structural manner so that it could be approved and subsidized.

The project was authorized by the National Housing Commission (CONAVI) in November 2016 and was awarded by the same body with a silver medal in the First National Rural Housing Contest.

Currently, the project allowed us to enter into a dialogue with CONAVI and establish a work team focused on initiating public policy and the recognition of traditional construction systems.

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