[Comunidad de Tepetzintan + Comunal]

IIn 2013 we visited the community of Tepetzintan guided by the moral tutor of the same, Eleazar Lomen. During the visit we were able to identify that there were two major problems in the community, the first was the high degree of overcrowding and housing lag. The second, underutilized natural resources such as bamboo, wood and stone. The housing project arises as a response to the social, economic and environmental context of the community with the intention of converting the problem into an area of ​​opportunity.

Once the project was defined in conjunction with the community, it initiated the process of exchange of knowledge. For this process, 5 technical-constructive workshops were offered with the two local bamboo species and participatory design workshops to develop the housing exercise in an inclusive manner.

The project began its construction in November 2014 and counted with the community contribution of the land, labor (tasks), materials (stone and bamboo) and the participation of young people of the Rural Digital Baccalaureate No. 186.

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