After the earthquakes occurred in Mexico on september 2017, the Federal Government announced that the reconstruction strategy would be based on credit loans and federal subsidies by delivering electronic cards conditioned to the purchase of industrialized materials and urban suppliers, leaving completely out the indigenous areas and local producers of traditional materials that suffered severe damage in their communities.

Our team, in collaboration with Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation (FHMM), proposed the strategy “Social Reconstruction of Habitat”, which included the reconstruction of 86 houses, as well as the preservation of the traditional knowledge and ways of living of the Mixe people of Oaxaca. The strategy was based on participatory design and research processes, which included: damage census, participatory maps of territorial understanding, community assemblies, reconstruction design for the structural improvement of the vernacular housing, and a participatory strategy for a high scale production of adobe bricks based on the local knowledge.

In addition to this , the strategy seeked to detonate local productive chains and the recognition of traditional materials by public housing policies in Mexico.

Location: Coatlán, Sierra Mixe of Oaxaca
Collaboration start date: October 2017
Collaboration end date: May 2018
Current status: In the process of implementation by the FHMM team
Collaborators: Community of Santa María Nativitas Coatlán / Committee of reconstruction / Institute of Philology of the UNAM / FHMM / Comunal
Photographs: Comunal + Onnis Luque

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