Among the various problems suffered by the population of Tenejapa, the health issue is highly relevant due to the absence of hospitals, clinics and basic medical care. Given this panorama, the midwives of the municipality self-organized and formed a network in 22 communities, achieving to reduce to zero the rate of inftanil and maternal mortality in the region.

Currently, midwives do not have an adequate place to provide care, which is why they use their homes as offices and delivery houses. This situation generates a series of complications for their families since they must give their homes to the women who will be cared for. In addition, their houses do not have the spaces and furniture necessary to offer a comfortable service.

The project consists of designing childbirth houses in a participatory manner and building with three midwives of the network: Lucia in the community of Bajchen, María in El Retiro and Lucía de Matzam. The project is an initiative of the Midwives Network "Un solo corazón A.C." and from "Mesoamérica Profunda A.C.", the agency in charge of obtaining the necessary resources for the process and construction.

Location: Municipality of Tenejapa, Los Altos de Chiapas
Start: November 2016
Current status: In process
Authors: Midwives Network "One Heart A.C." + Mariana Ordóñez Grajales
Anchoring: Mesoamérica Profunda A.C.
Collaborators: Agustín López Girón + Armando Casas
Photographs: Onnis Luque + Comunal

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