[Bachillerato Rural Digital No. 186 + Comunal]

Tepetzintan currently lacks of educational spaces for 70 high school students. Faced with this scenario, and after participating in the technical workshops and in the construction process of the first housing exercise, the youth of the Rural Digital Baccalaureate No. 186 took the initiative to design and self-build their own school in collaboration with our team.

Students have been able to integrate the high school education committee to the project, its 70 families, as well as the rest of the community and local government. The community of Tepetzintan has put its credibility on the project and donated a land plot so that students could reach their goal.

The participatory design was generated through five sessions in which four student teams designed the complex through drawings and models that expressed spatial distributions, as well as the architectural programme. The Productive Rural School is conceived also as a community training center that encourages the exchange of technical and local knowledge through productive spaces.

Currently, the project is under construction and the first stage (a classroom + service area) has been completed through community processes of assisted self-construction and mutual aid among nearby communities.

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