The Rural Productive School generated an impact in the local student communities and managed to detonate the mutual help among the inhabitants, especially in two localities: Pinahuista and Xocoyolo.

The community of Xocoyolo and Tepetzintan decided to start an alliance through the cooperative scheme "mano vuelta" with the intention of achieving the objectives of both student groups: technically trained in construction with local materials and self-build their school.

In this way, the Rural Digital Baccalaureate No. 42 began to receive training workshops for Tepetzintan students; On the other hand, the student community of Xocoyolo carries out tasks to contribute to the construction of the Rural Productive School. It is through this scheme that construction began, in a self-managed way, of a rural classroom that will allow the community to complete the number of rooms necessary to teach classes.

Location: Xocoyolo, Sierra Northeast of Puebla
Start date: July 2018
Current status: In constructive process
Collaborators: Digital Rural Baccalaureate No. 42 / Community of Xocoyolo / Comunal
Photographs: Comunal

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